In January 1986, following the break up of Guys n' Dolls the previous month, I was appointed a director of Everyday Music, a music publishing company that was run by Don Larking who's main business was selling recording studio equipment. Just before the group finished I discovered that a song I had written called "I'm Sorry" had reached the last eight in a song for Europe. I decided that I was going to find someone else to sing it in the contest as even though I wrote the song it didn't really suit my voice. I found a guy called Chad Brown, who had previously been in a heavy rock band called "LIONHEART" , and put together a five piece backing band which included myself on lead guitar. The rules of the contest state that the maximum number of people in the act should be six. We appeared on "THE WOGAN SHOW" and then on 24th March "A SONG FOR EUROPE". Chad performed the song well but the winner was a band called "RYDER".

During my time at "Everyday Music" I secured a cover of one of my songs with 60s group "THE FORTUNES". They recorded an album of most of their hits plus a few new songs including my song "You Captured My Heart". The album went gold in Holland and sold well around the world and it still turns up on compilation albums today. I also released a solo record on "Spartan" records under the name PAUL DAVID which was the company's idea. I recorded "Peggy Sue Got Married" when the feature film was released that year.









In 1987 I entered a song I had written called "No More Tears" in Paul McCartney's "Buddy Holly Song Contest" and was pleased when I was notified that it had reached the final ten and I received an invitation from Paul and Linda McCartney to attend a lunch in London to announce the winner. Lynne and I went to the lunch on 7th September 1987, and it was great. I received a runners up award from Jonathan Ross and finally met a Beatle. I had a chat with Paul and got him to sign the back of my award.We talked about Split Enz (My Brother Nigel's Band) I knew Paul was a fan of the group as he had brought their keyboard player Eddie Rayner over from Australia to play on one of his albums. Mike Berry was playing at the lunch with his band and at one point Paul got up and sang a couple of songs.


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